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The Cookie Did It...

I'm standing in line at Panera Bread contemplating my healthiest choices on the menu and a lady and her two children join the line behind me. If you've ever been to Panera Bread then you know they have a magnificent display of baked goods and cookies at the beginning of the line - not one of my "healthy" considerations. Now granted, these pastries may seem far "better" for you than your average box of store-bought cookies, but the sugar load in them is still higher than desired, and the refined flour it's own offender.

An excess of sugar in the system can lead to a host of health challenges including heart disease, cancer and immune dysfunction because it depletes many nutrients in the body. Do I even need to mention Insulin Resistance or Diabetes? Both, an epidemic in modern day. Americans on average consume 140 pounds of sugar a year. Compare that to 150 years ago when the average was sugar consumption was 4 pounds per year.

Evil Cookies

The lady at Panera Bread was standing in front of her children commenting on how yummy it all looked and trying to decide which pastry treat she was going to get. In the midst of it, she remarked to her daughter that she knew she really shouldn't be eating it at all. As she turned to take her place back in line, she glanced at me and made sure I knew to beware because the beautiful spread of treats and delights "were evil". (her words)

At another time in my life, I would have agreed with her. The beautiful display was arranged to perfection to gain the attention of unsuspecting patrons and stir up their sweet tooth. It no longer stirs up mine. I am no longer addicted to sugar - Praise the Lord.

But I know this mindset all too well. In our hearts we know what it is doing to our bodies and our weight, and maybe the majority don't even realize its devastating effects on our health. Admitting that sugar has us in bondage is not easy, especially when our society does not support us in our efforts to change and our consciences are seared when it comes to realizing that it is a serious matter. Most consider it a joke, but its not funny.

I recall being almost 250 lbs completely addicted to the next sweet thing. Even when I thought I wasn't eating sweets at that time, just about all the food I consumed had sugar in it, including my favorite things like lasagna and meat loaf. Check your spaghetti sauce label and see if what I say is true.

In Louisiana, where I reside, we are among the top of the statistical list for Type II Diabetes. Diabetes is a devastating disease that is 100% a lifestyle choice. It can be prevented every single time, yet here in the South, where all our neighbor states rank at the top with us, it is almost regarded as a rite of passage. The digestive disease, obesity, heart disease and other ailments that accompany it, are considered normal as you age. And now that we hold the number one position for childhood obesity as of 2016, our children will follow in our footsteps - unless we take action.

Anyone out of state person that hears I am from Louisiana almost always remarks, "Y'all have some good food down there". No, actually, our food is evil like the lady at Panera Bread said. We know it's "evil" and harmful but it's our way of life, and we are unwilling to forsake it as we brace ourselves for the diagnosis that we know is coming, whether cancer, heart disease, or our favorite, diabetes. It wasn't us. It wasn't our choices or our fault...the cookie did it.

"The devil is pleased when people make themselves slaves to a desire that [which]—in the proper context—the Lord intended to be enjoyed freely. A believer walking in the Holy Spirit rejects gluttony, preferring desires that are within God’s boundaries instead. That’s how we get His very best." (Ephesians 2:1-7)

Do not be a slave to the evil cookie. Freedom is available. Are you ready to begin your freedom journey today?

Educating and consulting on the benefits of natural and traditional foods for optimal wellness in an age of declining health.


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