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Changing Things Up for 2019

There is something about the start of NEW YEAR that is fresh and alive! It's why it just feels right to make RESOLUTIONS. The freshness of it all seems to spark the eagerness to do more of the right things and less of the wrong things. On January 1st we feel we can conquer anything and nothing is beyond our reach. It's an empowering feeling to resolve to do great things!

It's empowering in the moment anyway, because most resolutions are set aside within only a couple of months. Setbacks become the harsh reality and the determination fades. This scenario is repeated year after year, reminding me of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results. Do you relate to this like I do?

I gave up making New Years Resolutions many years ago. There was time my resolutions were written on paper which increased my feelings of commitment and will power, yet it always ended the same: A forgotten failure. It wasn't until I found myself on a health journey that this insanity ended for me.

In order for me to really succeed in what I needed to do to heal my body, it could not be a token resolution at the beginning of the year. I had to muster up that determination, eagerness and empowering feeling everyday, sometimes every hour. Failure could not be an option, my very life was on the line.

So instead of the usual lose weight, love more etc., I resolved to live and to live well by seeking real solutions and committing myself to healing my body. Looking back now something significant stands out to me. By seeking healing and balance in my body several things that usually topped my New Years Resolution list sort of took care of themselves. I know that sounds odd. Yet by default I lost weight, became content, overcame depression and improved my relationships - although these were never the focus during my health journey. If there is any lesson I have learned, it's that a body in balance and fed properly responds very positively in multiple ways.

How often do we seek to quiet the symptoms to no avail? We chop at the unsightly weeds forgetting that, if the root remains, our efforts will soon be forgotten as the harsh reality of regrowth appears.

You might be thinking to yourself that such focus and drive is too hard to maintain. There are too many distractions, too many temptations, and starvation and big salads are the only way to succeed. That is the very reason that I started Reclaim Wellness - a program that helps you drown out the interruptions that life might try to throw at you. With this program, you will have a support group that will encourage you to make the right choices and be steady in your incline toward optimum health. This is not a diet. The Reclaim Wellness program breaks away from mainstream dietary health philosophy which continually fails, and strengthens you through the knowledge of your body and what it really needs to function correctly. Knowledge is power. The principles learned will help detoxify your body and more importantly you are able to discover the wonderful way that delicious and satisfying God-given food works as medicine for your body and soul.

Will you join us for a New You in 2019?

Educating and consulting on the benefits of natural and traditional foods for optimal wellness in an age of declining health.


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