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We are new, but not really....

Welcome to our new (hopefully improved) website. If you have followed us through the years, then you miss our old "Naturally Ozark" website which was loaded with information and descriptions of our products. Our move to Louisiana shook us to the core both professionally and personally. Time heals everything. Our recovery has been slow, but nevertheless happened in God's good timing. So here we are, "Old Paths Natural Wellness", with everything good that the Naturally Ozark site offered and more!

Thanks for visiting our new site. Our online store button takes you to the online store we have been using for more than a year, but a new e-commerce site is in the works! I appreciate all the feedback we got on our store, and most of the comments left us searching for something better-and we think we found it!

Thanks for being our customers over the years and loving our products! Hopefully you know, we love our customers and clients and seek to provide the kind of care and service that makes you more than just a customer to us, but a friend.

~Craig and Regina Tyndall

Old Paths Natural Wellness

tags: naturally ozark, herbal medicine, nutrition, herbs, health wellness, non-gmo, real food, eat real, psalm 104:14

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