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Why are we so sick?

Degenerative Disease is at the highest levels ever, and still climbing.

Louisiana is number 8 in childhood obesity in the nation, according to America's

Health Rankings 2018 report, with 34% of our children considered overweight or obese.

Being overweight leads to Diabetes and Hypertension, of which Louisiana rates

within the top 10 in the nation. In over-all health, excluding our neighbor Mississippi, Louisiana is dead last. What can we do about this or is it a hopeless situation?
Everyone has an opinion on nutrition. Science, internet searches and government recommendations seem to continually contradict one another. Old Paths takes the

approach that the Bible and healthy, delicious, traditional diets are the best sources for 

nutrition that will serve our bodies well.  
Join us to learn how foundational nutritional guidelines could change the course of this generation and your family. We will also have a few foods to taste test as well as door prizes.

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