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Welcome to Our Education Center

Knowledge is power! At Old Paths Natural Market we believe a healthy lifestyle begins by empowering the individual with knowledge of how God created the body to function

and how to nourish and care for it. We accomplish this by providing

you with various educational opportunities

Click on calendar events to learn more about the programs we offer.

Registration is required at all events. For more information click here

Some Educational Opportunities for You

Click on each to learn more. See schedule calendar below.

Reclaim Wellness: 6 week course for individuals who desire tools to overcome the unhealthy cultural trends. 

5 Things You Can Do Today to Reclaim Wellness: Simple steps to begin a healthy lifestyle transition. Also an introduction to our Reclaim Wellness Program. 

The Foundations of Health For Life: As chronic disease is in epidemic proportions, we take a journey into traditional foods and food preparation. 

Yogalates with Erica: A combination of Yoga and Pilates to help strengthen core muscles and reduce stress.

Guest Speakers and Special Events: From time to time we like to have special events and speakers in our education center. 

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